The knife-man Streatham, Sudesh Amman, had relatives in Sri Lanka and was under police surveillance.

A terrorist armed with a knife who was shot dead by police in London on Sunday during a stabbing spree has been named by police as Sudesh Mamoor, a convicted Islamist terrorist who has extended the family in Sri Lanka.

The 20-year-old ISIS and al-Qaeda supporter stabbed two people in broad daylight on a busy street just before 2 p.m. in what the metropolitan police quickly declared as a terrorist incident related to Islam.

Amman was jailed in December 2018 at age 18 for terrorist crimes related to Islam in Old Bailey, but was released from prison a few days ago. He is believed to have lived in a shelter on bail in South London when he carried out the attack.

Wearing a fake explosive vest, he stole a 10-inch £ 3.99 kitchen knife from a convenience store and stabbed two people on Streatham High Road, leaving a man, in his 40s, in a life-threatening condition. Policemen in civilian clothes who had followed him on foot, shot him dead with guns at Boots pharmacy, in scenes reminiscent of an action movie, before hordes of armed police arrived.

The following explosives and additional armed officers were called to deal with the device around his body that was discovered to be a suicide vest.

The deputy commissioner said: The suspect has not yet been formally identified, however, given the circumstances of the incident, we are sure he was 20 years old. Armed officers, who were part of a proactive anti-terrorist surveillance operation and were following the suspect on foot, were in immediate assistance and shot a suspicious man killed at the scene. The suspect had recently been released from prison where he had served a sentence for terrorism offenses related to Islam.

Witnesses also talked about a police car that crashed close in the race to get to the scene.

In December 2018, Amman, an 18-year-old student who lived in, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of possession and distribution of terrorist documents via Skype and was imprisoned for three years and four months. He had been arrested in May 2018 by the armed police.

The Old Bailey heard that he had tried to radicalize his own family, sharing Al-Qaeda propaganda in a family group, and sharing bomb-making manuals on Skype, exposing his five younger brothers aged 11 to 15 and an extended family in Sri Lanka to jihadist material.

After his arrest, police found bomb-making and knife-fighting manuals on his digital devices, as well as ISIS videos showing graphic violence.

In online messages he promised loyalty to the Islamic State, said the Islamic State is here to stay and said he considered ISIS the best thing that could happen to Islam.

He also talked about Muslims in London massacred and put in worse conditions than the concentration camps, and said that the Quran gave permission to rape Yazidi women.

In a raid on his house, where he lived with his mother and siblings, police officers found a black flag, a combat knife and a compressed air gun.

The court heard that he had sent decapitation videos to his girlfriend and advised him to kill his parents Kafir (non-believers) and that he had fantasized about carrying out terrorist attacks with knives and acid.

The then head of the Interim Command of the Police anti-terrorist command Met Alexis Boon said at the time of his conviction: “His fascination with dying in the name of terrorism was clear in a notebook that we recovered from his home. Amman had scribbled his life goals in the notebook and at the top of the list, above family activities, was dying as a martyr and was going to Jannah: the future life.

The two victims of Sunday's attack, a man in his 40s and a woman in his 50s, were taken to hospitals in South London. The man, who according to witnesses was stabbed in the stomach, was initially in a life-threatening condition. However, late on Sunday night, D'Orsi said we are grateful that after his treatment at the hospital, this is no longer the case.

A woman in her 50s, who according to witnesses was stabbed in the back, had life-threatening wounds and has now been discharged from the hospital. Another woman in her 20s has minor injuries, which are believed to have been caused by broken glass after the launch of the police firearm. She continues to receive treatment in the hospital.