Exclusive! Saif Ali Khan on the chemistry of Sara and Kartik Aaryan in Love Aaj Kal: it's very interesting; people will flock to watch the movie

Sara Ali Khan will soon be seen playing the leading role in ‘ Love aaj kal Whose previous version presented his dad Saif Ali Khan . The trailer was recently released and Saif said he liked his trailer better. Speaking exclusively with ETimes, Saif stated that he had tried to make a joke: “With my daughter, I tried to decipher a slightly competitive joke. I'm saying that I liked ours more, but obviously this is a completely different movie. And I don't think it's right to compare, but, of course, the producers have chosen the same name and I'm quite possessive of our film. I don't want to find the wrong way because, of course, what I said was a joke. A little mockery is good.

The actor went on to add that ‘ Love aaj kal ’ belongs to a genre which is very popular with all generations, “I do understand that the idea behind the film is that when the minute the language of love kind of changes, one can make this film with every generation. So I'm sure it's a completely different film from ours. And all the best guys, just a joke.”

Sara and Kartik may no longer be together in real life, but the duo continues to hit headlines with their adorable chemistry evident during the promotions of ‘ Love aaj kal ’. Speaking about the same Saif added, “I think it is very interesting. Both of them are tremendously popular actors. I'm sure you know people are going to flock to see the movie.”

Directed by Imtiaz Ali, ‘ Love aaj kal ’ is slated for release on February 14.