Practice magic exercise to help the economy: from Rahul to PM

NEW DELHI: One day after hitting the government during a long speech on the budget that, according to him, was short in delivery, the Congress Rahul Gandhi tweeted a PM video Narendra Modi exercising and suggested that you should practice your magical exercise to help the sagging of the country's economy.

On Saturday, Rahul had criticized the budget and said it did not contain any strategic ideas, or anything concrete and that he had touched a hollow approach that was all talk and nothing happening.

Tweeting a video of Modi doing yoga, which the prime minister shared to start the Fitness Challenge, Rahul said Modi should practice his magical exercise routine to boost the economy. “Dear PM, please try your magical exercise routine a few more times. You never know, the economy could start, ”he said on Twitter.

Finance minister has announced a slew of measures to boost economic growth but Congress said the government was in complete denial of the economy facing a “grave macroeconomic challenge”. It also claimed the government had given up on reviving the economy, accelerating growth and creating jobs.

Congress’s youth wing, , which has lately been visible in its protests against the government on its economic policies and for its stand on the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act, released a video of young men and women — each wearing masks of different members of the Union cabinet — playing marbles on the road. The video, titled Modi’s government ’s ‘Kancha-maar budget’ accused the council of ministers of having done little else than play with the lives of India’s youth.

Slamming the Centre for being an “event management government ”, IYC president said, “The government made tall promises of running bullet trains. But instead of delivering on promises and being concerned for the future of India’s youth and unemployed, they’re only playing games at their expense.”