The Maharashtra panel will investigate the NCP telephone touch and Congress net

MUMBAI: The Interior Minister on Sunday established two members comprising an additional chief secretary and a Joint Commissioner (Intelligence) to investigate complaints of wiretapping by leading politicians, particularly Congress and the PCN during the elections of Lok Sabha and The assembly of 2019.

Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh has addressed the additional chief secretary (home) Sanjay Kumar immediately establish the committee composed of Shrikant Singh and Amitesh Kumar. The investigation must be completed within six weeks, the committee has been given the freedom to induce officers and technical experts as required, a senior bureaucrat told TOI.

The bureaucrat said that since Deshmukh assumed the reins of the department of origin, he has been receiving complaints from political parties and prominent leaders about the misuse of wiretapping by the previous government, which seems to be very serious. “The Interior Minister was notified that the powers to collect records of call and wiretap data were used rudely during the previous government to obtain political gains and vested interests. The abuse of power has serious implications with respect to national security and the right to freedom and privacy enshrined in the constitution of India, he said.

In such circumstances, the government considered that a comprehensive and broad-based investigation was essential. The investigation should not only cover legal documents, but also have the support of technical experts to decipher if an unofficial surveillance has been carried out by tracking the footprint on the servers of several telecommunications companies through physical verification and visitation. said the bureaucrat. .