Kerala confirms the second case of coronavirus, stable patient

ALAPPUZHA/THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: He reported the second new case in the country on Sunday, with a male student from a university in Wuhan admitted to the hospital of the medical school giving positive for him. The first case, that of a medical student who is in treatment, was reported in Thrissur on Thursday.

The state health minister, KK Shailaja, told reporters after a meeting in Alappuzha that the second person who tested positive, one in four admitted to the isolation room at the Alappuzha medical school hospital, had returned to Kerala on January 24. China, while the fourth person is a relative of one of them. We are waiting for test reports from others, ”he said.

Shailaja said there was no need to panic since the condition of both patients was stable.

The health department received the test result of the infected person from the National Institute of Virology, Pune, Sunday afternoon. “Neither patient has developed serious complications. There is nothing to scare, but we must be vigilant. The department is strictly monitoring the situation so that the virus does not spread from them, ”said Shailaja.

The health department of Kerala has placed 1,924 people under observation in their homes and 75 have been admitted to isolation rooms in several hospitals. So far, 104 samples of suspicious cases have been sent for evidence. Of these, 36 results have been received and two tested positive. In Alappuzha, four people have also been admitted to the general hospital.

Everyone who comes from China is under the supervision of the health department. The only request to people is that if someone who has come from China recently has not informed the nearby health center so far, they should do so immediately, Shailaja said.

The Ministry of Health of the Union and the Medical Research Council of India have allowed the Kerala unit of the Alappuzha National Institute of Virology to perform coronavirus tests. “Although we have facilities, we should not perform the tests. There was a delay in obtaining the results of the Pune NIV tests, ”said Shailaja.

Wuhan in China is the zero zone of the virus outbreak that had infected more than 14,500 people and caused 305 deaths until Sunday night. Despite strong measures to contain the outbreak, including the Chinese government that blocked Wuhan and the adjacent cities in Hubei Province, the virus continues to spread rapidly.

In addition to China, the virus has been detected in at least 21 countries, including India.

Amid the growing fear of greater dissemination, the Union Ministry of Health has asked hospitals in all states and territories of the Union to prepare isolation rooms.