I did Gentleman because he has a story to tell: Nishvika Naidu

In the two years that he has been part of the Kannada film industry, Nishvika Naidu He has ensured that it is a force to take into account, which should explain why filmmakers choose to collaborate with her on multiple projects. Its launch this week, Gentleman, is a good example, since they made the offer after working with the filmmaker. Guru Deshpande , which has supported this, in his direction, Paddehuli . Interestingly, Guru has given Nishvika a rather serious role this time.nApart from the fact that she plays main hero Prajwal Devaraj Nishvika also gets into the skin of a nutritionist, Tapaswini, who is extremely health conscious. “Since my debut, the roles I've done have always been of a bubbly and hyperactive girl, who is more or less in tune with my real life. In Gentleman, however, Tapaswini he is more serious and mature; She is the responsible household member, who, because of what she does in her career, is also very aware of the food choices her family makes. Since this is in stark contrast to my personality, at the beginning it was difficult to interpret this character. director Jadesh Kumar would ask me to ‘tone down’ during sequences. I had to be constantly reminded that I was Tapaswini, she laughs.

Although Nishvika is the romantic interest in the film, it also has a serious background, since it deals with the protagonist's medical condition and a human ovule traffic angle hitherto unexplored. So what attracted Gentleman? “As actors, it is important to choose films that are more than just glitz and glamor and have a decent social message. I took this movie, not so much from my professional perspective, but because I had a story that needed to be told, ”explains Nishvika.