The consumption of whey protein within the limits is not harmful, says Mr Universe Sangram Chougule twice

NAGPUR: twice 'Mr Universe' Sangram Chougule defended the consumption of whey protein , saying bodybuilders and athletes will not be harmed if they take it within the limits.

"It is a myth that consumption of whey protein is harmful for athletes. It is a much needed supplement for any player, including bodybuilders . If an athlete needs total 100 gram protein in a day then consumption of 25 grams whey is permissible. One scoop of whey contains 25 gram protein, which is equivalent to five boiled eggs," said Chougule.

The 40-year-old bodybuilder was talking to the media after opening a new 'Extra Edge Fitness Gym' on Sunday in Mate Square.

There have been reports of some deaths in recent years, mostly of bodybuilders , after consuming too much whey protein . A 25-year-old woman in Australia died after consuming too much protein in the form of shakes, supplements and protein-packed foods in 2017. These deaths forced athletes, parents and coaches to think twice before including whey protein in their menu.

Clarifying about this, Chougule said that the consumption of anything beyond a certain limit is bad.

"It is not correct to blame whey protein for the recent deaths. Excess of anything is certainly a dangerous thing. If you eat too much chicken then you can damage your liver. Excess water can hurt your kidneys badly. Similar is the case with whey protein . It is an important supplement for muscle building. I have been using it for the last ten years," said Chougule, winner of 'Mr Universe' title at the World Body-building and the Physics Federation World Championship (WBPF) in 2012 in Bangkok. He also repeated the feat in 2014 in the 85 kg category in Mumbai.

"Winning the 'Mr Universe' title in Bangkok was the highest point of my bodybuilding career. The competition was very tough as the best bodybuilders from 45 countries were competing. But I was in perfect shape, I am glad I could repeat my performance two years later in my home country," said Chougule, six times winner of 'Mr India' title.

The 40-year-old said the standard of bodybuilding in India is very good and more quality bodybuilders are coming from the rural areas too.

We are on par with world standards. Awareness of fitness has also increased in recent years. My advice to budding athletes is that they should develop their body and fitness level instead of striving to win competitions. The healthy diet is important for every athlete, said Chougule, who stopped participating in the 'Mr India' competition in 2015.

After completing his engineering education at Kolhapur, he shifted to Pune for professional bodybuilding training. He is now focusing on coaching and aims to produce several champion bodybuilders from Maharashtra.

I am also receiving regular offers of Bollywood movies thanks to my physique. However, acting is not my cup of tea, my goal is to guide young people with my vast experience, said Chougule.

Bodybuilder nationwide Kunaal Wachanekar , international male physical model Kanthis Hadke and international powerlifter Alfia Shaikh They were also present at the press conference.