China has not yet accepted US help with the coronavirus: White House advisor

WASHINGTON: China has been more transparent about the coronavirus than in previous crises, but Beijing He has not yet accepted an offer of US assistance to contain the epidemic, White House national security adviser Robert O'Brien said Sunday.

So far, the Chinese have been more transparent than in past crises and we appreciate it, O'Brien said in an interview with CBS Face the Nation.

However, Beijing has still not responded to U.S. offers of help from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health professionals to help contain the fast-moving, flu-like virus that has killed more than 300 people in China.

We have not yet received news from the Chinese about these offers, but we are prepared to continue cooperating with them, O'Brien said.

We have a great experience. This is a worldwide concern. We want to help our Chinese colleagues if we can and have made the offer and see if they accept it.

While they have not been invited to China, CDC officials are in neighboring Kazakhstan to help protect against the spread of the virus, US Secretary of State. UU. Mike Pompeo He said Sunday during a visit there.

You have a long border with China, where this disease originates from, said Pompeo in an interview with a Kazakh journalist. And we have our people from the Center for Disease Control right here on the ground, helping Kazakhstan deal with this so it doesn't have a huge outbreak.

The National Health Commission of China said Sunday that the coronavirus killed 304 people in China and that the infections increased to 14,380 as of Saturday.

At least 171 cases have been reported in more than two dozen other countries and regions, including the United States, Thailand , Hong Kong and Great Britain.

So far, eight cases of the rapid spread virus have been confirmed in the United States, health officials said. The Pentagon is providing housing for people arriving from abroad who may need to be quarantined.

Concerns about the virus led the United States to declare a public health emergency and prohibit entry to foreign citizens who recently visited China.

The last American patient in Massachusetts recently returned from Hubei province in central China, the CDC said. It is believed that the coronavirus originated in a market that traded illegally with wild animals in the provincial capital of Hubei.