Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi says he knew about Asim's past; Salman says yours is a case of rebound

In the last episode of Bigg Boss 13 , Salman Khan He acts as a mentor in the love story of Asim-Himanshi. In addition to being a mentor, he also educates them to hide facts and make a fool of themselves on national television.

Salman investigates Asim more about their relationship outside the house and if Himanshi is aware of it. Himanshi reveals that he knew it from day 1 of his entry to the program. Asim adds that he had always made it clear that there are some things he will talk about outside, but that there are no obstacles.

Salman teaches Asim by saying that if Himanshi can talk about his 9-year relationship on national television and reveal other details, why can't he talk about their relationship? He asks Asim about how long his relationship has been: 4 or 7 years. Asim says that year and a half.

The host Salman doubts and Asim says for his part that it was about a year and that it was not serious. He was not wrong and he really loves Himanshi.

Salman here turns to Himanshi and asks if she came as the connection of Asim, then why is she refusing to accept his proposals? Himanshi tells her that she loves Asim, but wants some time to see how the house is going.

Although Salman scolds them at first for not managing him as a mature person, but then he also adds that if they get together, he just wants them to be happy. The actor also feels that Himanshi could be a case of rebound after she broke up with Chinese dog .