Owaisi hints at 'jail bharo' about slapping cases in Modi's critics

HYDERABAD: head of AIMIM Asaduddin Owaisi On Sunday he condemned the sedition charges against the director of a school and the mother of a student in Karnataka for her alleged participation in the staging of a drama at the NRC, and hinted at a 'bharo jail' program on the presentation of cases against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi critics

If somebody speaks against Modi, sedition cases are filed. I want to tell Narendra Modi that time will come wherever we will decide on when and what time to launch the jail bharo program.

All prisons in India can only support three lakh people. If we all reach the roads, these prisons in India are inadequate to keep us all. You (or) keep us in prisons or shoot us with bullets, Owaisi said. while referring to the incident in Bidar in Karnataka.

I was speaking at a Women's Protest Conference against the Citizenship Law (Amendment), the (NRC) and the National Population Registry (NPR) organized by the United Muslim Action Committee.

On January 26, he slapped a case of sedition against the school, based on a complaint from social worker Neelesh Rakshyal.

The plaintiff alleged that the school authorities used the students to perform a drama in which they abused Modi in the context of the CAA and the NRC.

He said the ongoing fight against CAA, NRC and NPR is a long battle and people should be prepared for it.

The forces we are fighting against are full of RSS and Hindutva ideology since childhood, said the deputy of Hyderabad and added that it is necessary to save the country from the Hindutva ideology.

In describing the men who brandished weapons and shot at anti-CAA protesters in Delhi, recently, as terrorists, the MIM leader said that people will give an adequate response to Modi in a democratic way.

I sincerely believe that the people of the country will give an adequate response to BJP and RSS in a democratic way. People's sacrifices will not be forgotten. The fight is to save the Constitution of our country. In this fight, even if we have to make more sacrifices, we are ready to do it, he said.

He compared the current state of affairs in India with that of Germany during Hitler's rule in which fifty Lakh Jews were allegedly massacred using gas chambers and other methods.