Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: from receiving death threats to organizing a television show, everything you need to know about the wildcard participant RJ Sooraj

Based in Doha RJ Sooraj He had a decent fan who followed his primetime radio show, but rose to fame overnight with one of his online videos.

In 2017, Sooraj published a video congratulating three Muslim women who participated in a flashmob about AIDS awareness in Malappuram. In addition to congratulating the trio, he reportedly criticized the Muslim fundamentalists who beat the girls.

Sooraj reportedly received death threats shortly after the video went viral. Later, he posted another video apologizing for his comments. In the video, Sooraj clarified his position and apologized even more for hurting the religious feelings of a community and declared that the radio station should be left out of all the controversy.

Recently, Sooraj made his debut on Malayalam TV as a presenter. He was seen as co-host of the celebrity games program ' Boeing Boeing 'with ex big boss Malayalam contestant Deepan Murali . In the program, Sooraj was very loved for his characteristic humor and his charming presence on stage.

Currently, Sooraj has a large following for his vlogs.