Union budget: the tourism sector receives a boost of Rs 5.6 billion rupees

the government The plan to resurrect archeological sites, introduce Texas-type trains and add more airports would attract national and international tourists. 2019 was a challenge for the sector since Jet airways It was belly up and the general elections were held in the middle of the holiday season. Then, when the sector began to see an acceptance in the reserves, the coronavirus became an imminent threat.

the budget, however, offers an impetus to the sector, once considered India’s sunshine , granting Rs 5,600 crore to promote culture and tourism. “Thankfully tourism is now being viewed as an important growth driver of the economy,” said Rakshit Desai, MD, FCM Travel Solutions.

the budget announcement comes a day after the Economic Survey highlighted a slowdown in the growth of foreign tourist arrivals (FTAs).

Ankur Bhatia, ED del Grupo Bird, un jugador, siente que el número de sitios arqueológicos planeados para desarrollarse podría ser plus que solo cinco, como se propone en el Presupuesto, ya que una amplia gama de sitios históricos decrépitos están pidiendo restauración. Bhatia dijo que la industria hotelera esperaba una actualización completa del estado de la infraestructura, ya que eso habría aliviado the problemas de financiación, considerando que la liquidez para las empresas de alojamiento de tamaño medio casi se ha agotado.

Live plus On the government ’s proposal to add 100 airports, Reji Cherian, CEO of Ryan Holidays, said that it would enhance air connectivity, making travel accessible across the country.