Divya-Drishti Update, February 2: Shergills are surprised to discover the true identity of Lal Chakor

In the last episode of Divya - Drishti , Drishti question Divya to give a hint to Pishachini & Lal Chakor to come to his house in Ambad.

Divya reaches inside the Shergill house where Lal Chakor & Pishachini are planning against the Shergill family.

Drishti is worried that Divya might lose her calm & fight Lal Chakor alone. Divya hides beneath the blanket when Pishachini enters the room where all the dead bodies are kept.

Divya sets the kitchen on fire, as she had earlier spilled oil inside the kitchen. Drishti waits for Divya’s hint that she has completed the task.

Drishti, Rakshit & Shekhar try to use the magical box & realize that Pishachini & Lal Chakor have sealed the way through the magical box.

Drishti tries to help Divya , get out & creates a fake earthquake inside the house. Lal Chakor & Pishachini think that it is a real earthquake. One of the windows is opened & Divya manages to leave the house.

Lal Chakor learns, there was someone in the house who caused the earthquake.

Pishachini finds the note that Divya left for Lal Chakor . Divya , Drishti, Rakshit & Shekhar go to their childhood house, at Ambad.

Lal Chakor arrives at Ambad. The twin sisters & the Shergill brothers hide inside the house & try to attack Pishachini . Rakshit , Divya , Drishti & Shekhar surround Lal Chakor .

Rakshit is about to attack Lal Chakor & he stops when the Lal Chakor reveals his face. It is his mother Mahima . Everyone is shocked to see Mahima as the Lal Chakor.

Drishti tries to know the truth by reading Mahima ’s mind. We see in flashback that Mahima killed all the shergill family members. Mahima turns into the Lal Chakor bird & flies away.

Pishachini was tied to a pole & she could not run away.

Rakshit feels guilty because her mother killed his own family. Rakshit tears up in frustration & Drishti tries to console him. The doorbell rings & Shekhar sees the red feather of Lal Chakor bird, outside the house.