RGV will make a film about the Disha rape case

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is taking another sensational theme for his next movie .

He announced that he will making a movie on Disha’s rape case in Hyderabad, which shocked the entire nation last November. In a series of tweets, he said “My next movie is titled “ DISHA ” which is going to be about the DISHA snuff. After the brutal rape and horrific murder of NIRBHAYA, the DISHA rapists went further in their ghastliness in actually burning the poor girl with petrol. Film ‘DISHA’ will detail the thought process of the DISHA rapists as in why they killed her. They dint want to do the mistake of NIRBHAYA rapists leaving the girl alive so she can take the police to them (Sic).

Ram Gopal Varma also met rape accused Chenna Keshavulu 'wife, Renuka and posted a picture with her on social media. The more details of cast and crew of this movie are awaited.