Seven Bengal passengers who shared the same flight with the first student from India affected by the coronavirus advised home isolation

KOLKATA: The state health department said Sunday that they advised the isolation in the home of 7 passengers in Kolkata and its surroundings who had traveled on the same flight with the woman, the first patient affected by the coronavirus from India that arrived on 23 January from China before heading. to his hometown in Kerala.

A day after it was learned that Kerala's wife, a student from China, had traveled through the Kolkata airport, the state government began a search to locate the passengers and find out if any of them were from Bengal.

The search concluded on Saturday with officials who contacted the seven Kolkata passengers and were relieved to discover that everyone was safe and none showed signs of the infection until Sunday.

“All of them are safe. One of the seven people is currently in Delhi, while another six are at home. We have advised them home insulation during the next few days and have asked them to contact us if they develop any symptoms during this period. Our officials maintain regular contact with them and, if necessary, we will send them their samples of body fluids for the necessary tests, said the director of health services.

Keralite's wife had arrived in Kolkata on a China Eastern Airlines flight with more than one hundred passengers on January 23. There were seven passengers from Bengal while resting from other states. All passengers underwent a thermal evaluation at the airport, but none showed symptoms of infection. The woman took another domestic flight to arrive in Kochi the next afternoon and six days later, on January 30 she was tested positive for nCoV and since then she has been quarantined and undergoing treatment.