Sembaruthi Update, February 1: Mithra is arrested in a case of blow and flight

In the last episodes of Sembaruthi , Vadivelu enters Nandhini's house disguised as a technician. Vadivelu tries to find evidence to prove the relationship between Nandhini & Miter . Nandhini realises that Vadivelu has sneaked into the house to spy on her & warns him against any such motives. She asks him to leave the house right away.

Vadivelu updates Parvathy about the happenings in Nandhini’s house. Parvathy confirms that Nandhini has close ties with Vanaja .

Like Akhilandeswari Nandhini also invites Namboothiri foresee Adithya & Miter ’s future. Namboothiri says at least one or more deaths are bound to happen on the wedding day of Adithya - Miter & Rishi- Parvathy . Nandhini & Vanaja jump out in joy. Namboothiri also asks Nandhini to perform a special puja for Miter & Adithya ’s wedding. Nandhini requests Namboothiri to make arrangements for the same. Nandhini insists Miter to join the puja. Miter & Vanaja enact a drama to get permission from Akhilandeswari . As Miter heads to the puja in her car & accidentally runs over a stranger. She eventually gets arrested in the hit & run case. Adithya assures a worried Parvathy that he will not marry Miter under any circumstance. Miter misleads the police by naming Arunachalam & his wife as her parents. The two later confess that they are acting as Miter ’s parents for money. The cops then head to their residence to verify Miter ’s information.Meanwhile, Nandhini is worried about Miter ’s whereabouts.