Lady Gaga is crazy about her new boyfriend

Singer Lady Gaga , who is in Miami, Florida for a show, was seen getting comfortable with her new boyfriend, who is going crazy.

A source of celebrity gossip has posted photos of the singer Resting on the balcony of a hotel, enjoying a discreet weekend with his new flame. The 'bad romance' puncher He was photographed sharing a New Year's kiss with a man who appeared to be the same recently seen, identified as Miguel , in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to one source, the singer has been dating the same boy for more than a month. They have been seeing others since before the holidays and are crazy about him.

The source also said that he was the same man she called in 2020, they had been seeing each other for weeks.

The singer has not commented on her love life.

The source added: They have been to Los Angeles and have spent a lot of time at home. She takes him wherever he goes and they don't want to be a part.