Vidya Balan will play the role of a forestry officer in his next film.

Actor Vidya Balan will play a forestry officer in his next movie that will explore man-wildlife conflict. There have been reports that the movie revolves around the controversial killing of a tigress named Avni.

"She will be playing the role of a forest officer," a source close to the movie told .

Tigress Avni was shot dead by a shooter in November 2018, allegedly on instructions from forest department officials, since the tigress had allegedly killed 13 people in Maharashtra .

La fuente dijo que la movie no se basa en el caso de Avni, sino que se centra en el conflicto hombre-animal.

The project without title will be produced by Vikram Malhotra .

Vidya será vista a continuación en una movie biográfica sobre matemático ' Shakuntala Devi '. The movie is scheduled to release on May 8.