The government has taken powerful measures to boost economic growth: BJP

NEW DELHI: The BJP said on Sunday that the government has initiated extensive measures to boost the cycle and boost economic growth while maintaining fiscal discipline, as it responded to criticism about the 2020 Union Budget. BJP spokesperson , GVL, said that Congress, when it was in power, failed to address the challenges it faces economy , leaving him in a desperate situation.

The party is barely qualified to comment on the successful economic policies of the Modi government in the face of a global economic recession, he said.

The NDA government has initiated wide-ranging measures to boost the investment cycle and boost economic growth while maintaining fiscal discipline, Rao said.

The planning of Rs 100 lakh crores of investment in public infrastructure, of corporate announced a few months ago, restructuring and recapitalisation of banks, increased allocations to agriculture and rural development, lowering of personal income taxes to put more money in people's hands to give a boost to consumer spending are some of the policy initiatives with far reaching positive implications for the economy , he added.

The UPA government led by Congress was known for its fiscal waste and the consequent double-digit inflation, Rao said.

The BJP spokesperson said the 2020-21 budget focuses on the small and medium sector and its punitive steps against cheap, low-quality imports of goods would give strong impetus to the employment in the organised manufacturing sector of the economy .

Congress criticized the Union Budget presented by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday as tasteless and said he could not address challenges such as unemployment and economic slowdown.