Pretty Little Liars fame Lucy Hale and singer John Mayer could have been a couple

'Pretty Little Liars' star Lucy Hale says he once tried to pair with the singer John mayer In a dating application.

She revealed this in an interview recently.

I pressed for him, but I don't think he pressed for me, Hale admitted, adding that he wasn't worried about his reputation for past appointments. I'm so attracted to musical talent, I don't care.

Mayer has had several high-profile romantic relationships with stars like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift , Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Hale has previously been linked to actors Chris Zylka Graham Rogers, musician Anthony Kalabretta and his Life Sentence co-star, Riley Smith.

She shared that she is happy to be single.

When I was younger, I constantly wanted to be or date someone because I had a mortal fear of being alone or alone, the actress said.

Now, I'm at the point where if I know someone, they'd better raise my life, because I love being single, he added.

His taste for men has also changed, he said, after going through a phase of falling in love with bad boys. I used to feel really attracted, for example, to damaged people who had been through some shit, he said.

Now I say: 'You can be kind but not boring. Nice but not a failure. '

As for establishing and forming a family of his own one day, he revealed that he is not ready for that.