IPS officer who resigned, arrested by Aligarh police; You are allowed to leave after you agree not to visit AMU

AGRA: IPS officer of Maharshtra's cadre Abdur Rehman , who quit his job in protest against the Citizenship Law (Amendment) in December, was arrested on Sunday while he was on his way to.

According to the police, he was taken to the station where he was advised not to visit the university team. After he agreed, he was allowed to leave.

Rahman had been invited by the AMU coordination committee, to lead a protest march against the contentious act on campus. He also planned to go to a student meeting after the march.

Speaking to the media, Rahman said he was stopped by the local administration, claiming that the atmosphere on campus was not appropriate. He said: I am cooperating with the administration and returning from the Lodha police station. He said he would do it again once he has permission.

Member of the AMU coordination committee, who is also a former president of Students'

Union said the local administration wants to stop its movement against CAA by not allowing any guests to visit AMU.

This government does not want anyone to express their opinion on CAA on campus, he said, adding that the former union minister, Yashwant Sinha , former IAS officer, and now Rahman was arrested.