Amber Heard admits that he hit former husband Johnny Depp and also threw it with pots and vases.

Ex partner Amber heard & Johnny Depp , which separated in 2017, have again become the talk of the world after their infamous divorce as a new audio tape obtained by a Hollywood The portal revealed shocking details about their relationship.

The ' Aquaman 'The actress, who had filed for divorce after accusing Depp of hitting her during her 18-month marriage, can be heard admitting to having hit the' pirates of the Caribbean 'star during their marriage. Not only that, but several shocking revelations have emerged from the conversation that occurred in 2015.

It can be heard saying: I'm sorry I didn't hit you in the face with a proper slap, but I was hitting you, I wasn't hitting you. Baby, you're not beaten. I don't know what the movement of my real hand was, but you're fine. I didn't hurt you. I did not hit you. I was hitting you.

In addition, he added, you are a baby. Grow sex, Johnny. You push an animal enough, eventually, no matter how nice it is, it's not great.

Meanwhile, Depp filed a 50 million dollars defamation lawsuit against Amber heard for accusing him of domestic violence in an article she wrote in 2018. This news has made the fans furious, who have already started expressing peace of mind using the hashtag 'Justice for Johnny Depp '.