How to rock a salt and pepper beard

Men who wear a beard of salt and pepper have an innate charm. It is a mixture of maturity and debauchery. Think of Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Suniel Shetty. In fact, the latter has seen a resurgence of his popularity since he began to appear in a super cool beard everywhere, wearing his gray as a badge of honor. This is how you can also wear this look:

Be natural

The best salt and pepper beards are those that arise naturally. Let nature take its course and let your beard turn gray naturally. Nix the habit of eliminating whites.

Avoid trimming

Avoid trimming or plucking the grey hair of your beard – it can lead to zits. Trim the edges of your beard to give it a shape.

Wash it regularly

Once you start going grey, you need to take care of it. Wash it regularly with an alcohol-free and sulfate-free beard wash to give it the sheen that it needs. Also greys tend to look brassy after a while, a reason why a wash with a purple shampoo can do wonders.

Choose a style for you

Finally, choose a beard style that suits your face and personality. A beard style with completely black hair will look completely different from one with gray. Also, try and avoid stubble: it can make it look worn. A stylist will ensure that the grays do not grow strangely.