Gorintaku Update, February 1: Ambika stops Parthu and Srivalli's commitment

In the last episode of Gorintaku , Ambika firmly affirms that she has seen Nivedh On the side of the road. Janaki wants to believe that Nivedh a is still alive and will come home. However, Murthy is reluctant to believe Ambika's words, stop Srivalli- Parthu's engagement ceremony and go on a wild goose chase for Nivedh. Janaki demands the postponement of the ceremony and takes everyone along to look for Nivedh at the location where Ambika claims to have seen him.

Ambika fears that they will hit back if they don't find Nivedh now. At the spot, Parthu asks Ambika if she is doing this to stop his engagement with Srivalli but the latter stands by her claim. Meanwhile at home, Preethi feels that this can be Ambika’s scheme but Gautami and Nikhil are interested in knowing the truth. They wait for Parthu and others to return home.

Srivalli sees someone and mistakes him to be Nivedh. Murthy opines that Ambika must have mistaken too. Janaki says she feels Nivedh will come back for sure and further demands the engagement to be postponed for two more days.

They come back home and collectively decide to postpone the ceremony despite Murthy's disapproval of the same. Parthu assures to search for Nivedh.

While Gayatri is elated that Ambika has successfully stopped Srivalli- Parthu's engagement for her, the latter swears and reiterates that she had seen a lookalike of Nivedh. They then think that Nivedh ’s family will now find him and that Srivalli and Parthu can never get married then.

At home, Farhan consoles Parthu who is pondering over the sudden turn of events. He says Ambika must have planned this to take revenge on them.