Aggabai Sasubai Update, February 1: Soham tries to separate Abhijit and Asawari

In the recent episode of Aggabai Sasubai , Maddy bring new sports shoes to Aajoba for a morning walk. Karkhanis kaka becomes happy after seeing Aajoba’s new avatar.

On the other hand, Abhijit surprises Asawari Bringing your favorite classic car. Soham tries to go inside the car but the tour manager informs Soham that they have arranged a regular car for him and Shubhra .

Later, Soham sits inside the regular car and asks the driver to follow Abhijit ’s vintage car. Abhijit and Asawari enjoy the vintage car ride at Rajasthan. Abhijit gives a goggle to Asawari to save her from the sun rays.

In between, Soham asks his driver to drive fast. Shubhra asks Soham the reason behind his weirdness as he replies to her saying he wants to follow Asawari for her safety.

Later, Asawari and Abhijit visit the heritage place of Rajasthan. The security guard doesn’t allow Soham to go inside the heritage place. The tour manager shows the entry passes to the security guard and allows Soham to go inside. Soham goes inside and shouts at Asawari for not waiting for him. Later, he holds Asawari’s hands and tries to separate her from Abhijit. Shubhra gets confused after seeing Soham’s weird behavior with Abhijit and Asawari.

Lastly, Shubhra sees traditional Rajasthani dupatta and insists Asawari for shopping. The tour manager informs everyone that they all need to go to the shopping market by walk because only Rikshaws are allowed there. Abhijit, Asawari, and Shubhra decides to visit the market by Rickshaw but Soham decides to join them by car. Later, Soham goes to the shopping market by enjoying his vintage car ride.