CAA underlines the agenda of Hindutva and Hindu Rashtra: CM Pinarayi Vijayan

MUMBAI: When launching a scorching attack on the BJP and the RSS, Kerala's prime minister while addressing a group of Mumbaites, claimed that CAA underlies the agenda of ay and its ultimate goal of establishing a Hindu Rashtra. He also criticized CAA and appealed that united people will always be victorious, adding: We will fight, we will win.

Mumbai Collective organized a two-day conclave at the YB Chavan center in southern Mumbai

where many prominent personalities had participated and discussed various social issues.

On Sunday, Pinarayi Vijayan, as a speaker in The National Fight Against, raised some questions about the CAA. Pinarayi raised his voice against CAA and approached the first state to the Supreme Court.

“It is well established both by past experience and by the current nations of. Madhav Golwalkar proposed his theory of India as a Hindu nation where religious communities had no citizenship rights, said the Democratic Left Front (LDF). He stressed that this is the fight to protect secularism and defend the constitution.

Advocating for CAA's challenge in SC he said: Even the act of challenging CAA in SC is based on him.