Selfie time for Riddhi, Subhasree and Surangana

It seems that the Bismillah team has fun outdoors. The cast and crew of the film are currently filming in Purulia and the actors share the photos on social networks. Riddhi Sen , one of the key actors in the film, recently posted a selfie with co-actors Surangana Bandyopadhyay and Subhasree, and subtitled it, Woodfire (sic). Directed by Indraadip Das Gupta , the movie also presents Kaushik Ganguly .

After the first shooting period in Calcutta between January 20 and 28, the team left for Purulia on January 30. After the outdoor stage, the team will return on February 10 and until February 15, the shot of Calcutta's leg will resume.

Speaking about the history of the movie, Indraadip said: “Riddhi plays Bismillah, the title character of this movie. It is a love story of a musician and how relationships transform a musician internally. It also shows how his music evolves during various phases of his life. “We wanted a girl who was older than Riddhi and also glamorous at the same time. I saw Subhashree's performance in Parineeta and I realized that she is a good actress. Then, I took her on board. In this movie, his name will be Fatima. Bismillah will fall in love with Fatima. But, it is platonic love. We will see Fatima marry another man. But that doesn't stop Bismillah from wanting her. Surangana also interprets Riddhi's love interest in this movie, the director said.