Vadinamma Update, February 1: Bharat attacks against Parvathy

In the last episode of Vadinamma , Laxman teaches Lingam and the help of the house for taking it for granted. He along with Sailu goes home.

Bharat and Siri also prepare to leave home. With Durga's insistence, Parvathy Bharat asks about his stake in Janardhan’s property that they have won in the Kabaddi challenge. She also assures to help him confront Janardhan and claim his stake. She further accuses Sita of exploiting him. This leaves Bharat infuriated. He lashes out at Parvathy for demeaning Sita and faking concern over him with her greed for wealth. He declares that Siri is all the wealth he has and he doesn’t need anything else. Siri is overwhelmed by his words. He leaves for home with Siri.

Sita badly misses her brothers-in-law. Raghu tries but fails to make her eat something. She is relieved to see Nani home after a couple of days. Bharat, Siri, Laxman and Sailu also come back. They say that they have missed Sita and her food so badly. They ask Sita to cook food for them. Sita is overjoyed by their words. She rushes to the kitchen and cooks food for them. Raghu is surprised to see the sudden change in Sita. Laxman, Bharat and others ask Sita to feed them like she used to do in their childhood. Sita feels elated. Sailu can't digest their emotional drama.

At night, Raghu is lost in thoughts about Sita. Laxman tries to know the reason behind his gloominess.