Parul Yadav has the perfect mantra to start the weekend

Actress Parul Yadav She was recently seen in Cubbon Park relaxing with her pet son Pluto, and she knows how to start that perfect weekend. A nature enthusiast who loves to spend time in the middle of nature says: I love spending time in parks, be it Hyde park in London or Central Park in New York or Cubbon park here. Mumbai unfortunately has no such parks, therefore, Cubbon Park is my best bet for a quiet and relaxed weekend start.

On Saturday he witnessed that the glamorous actress looked casual and sporty while riding a bike with Pluto in Cubbon Park with stockings and a baggy shirt, but on Sunday she decided to opt for a casual glamorous look with a black belt bag and torn jeans. When asked about her love for Mother Nature, the actress continued: I love going to the woods and mountains because the trees remind me of the life before us and each tree has a story to share and it feels good to be in harmony with nature and feel connected to the trees around.