Bigg Boss 13: Rashami is furious to know that Arhaan shares the details of his relationship with Himanshi

In the last promotion shared by the creators, Rashami Desai is furious to know that her boyfriend Arhaan khan shared the details of your relationship with Himanshi Khurana .

Salman Khan He shows Rashami a recording of Himanshi talking with Vishal and Asim about Arhaan sharing a message. Himanshi tells them that Arhaan is very disturbed.

Rashami is furious to see this and asks why she is crying and talking about her relationship with others when she is inside the house.

She tells Salman Khan that she didn’t know about Arhaan’s child or married life earlier. She turns towards Himanshi and tells her to pass on the message to Arhaan - 'I have nothing to do anymore and I don't want to be a part of this'.

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After the eviction of Arhaan, some people close to the actress wanted her relationship with him to end. One of them is Devoleena Bhattacharjee , who recently told Rashami that Arhaan is not his type. Devoleena entered the house and told Rashami to think about Arhaan again.

Arhaan criticized Devoleena for getting involved in her relationship with Rashami. In an interview with, Arhaan said: “He met Rashami inside Bigg Boss's house, the same goes for me. She doesn't know about Rashami and my relationship, but only by advertising is she doing all this. She is talking badly about me, without knowing me. I think that only members of our family have the right to comment on our relationship, no one else can interfere.