Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 update, February 1: Thesni Khan is evicted; admit not to be a competitive competitor

The 27th of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 start with a conversation with Daya and Rajith. Daya complains that Rajith is avoiding her. Later, the duo talks about family and relationships. Daya is seen in tears complaining that Rajith is criticizing her personal life.

Later host Mohanlal welcomes the audience to the weekend episode. The host meets the housemates and enquires their opinion on the new entrants. Pashanam Shaji says that Jazla is a ‘firecracker’ while Daya is a land bland cracker ’.

When Mohanlal enquires about their experience inside the house, Jazla says that the people are completely different from what she had thought of. Daya tells that she feels they are family now.

After congratulating the housemates for their good performance in the weekly task, Mohanlal gives them a new task, according to which, they suggest one person to a given situation.

After homework, Mohnalal says the votes increase week by week, indicating that the program is gaining more popularity.

Later, the host asks the nominated contestants to stand up. The six contestants - Arya, Rajith, Pradeep, Thesni, Raghu and Veena - stand up and wait for the results. After a brief discussion, Mohanlal announces that Thesni Khan He is evicted from the show. Thesni happily accepts the result by admitting that she was not a competent contestant. The actress leaves the house wishing everyone luck. She also advises everyone to be more active.

The episode ends with actor Mohanlal trying to create awareness on Coronavirus. The actor urges fans to be extra cautious about the epidemic.