Hair glam 2020: Ready for sporty mess in the style of modern fluff?

If fashion took a retro turn at the end of 2019 and in 2020, you can hair trends be far behind? A hair style — that’s actually a nod to the rock star chic of the 70s — is set to become the hot grab this year. What’s more it’s unfussed, unkempt and requires no maintenance. Say hello to the ‘modern shag’. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer has been the queen of this style — she’s often sported a long wavy hair in messy waves. Jennifer Aniston also sported it in episodes of the TV show 'Friends'. On its comeback trail, Halle Berry is one of the first to wear her hair to A modern fluff. Kate Mara becomes a rock star booty with her choppy booty that ends in funky lights ombré. Singer Taylor Swift also seems to have liked it, with bangs and capes framing her face.

Why is it so attractive

The shag hair cut is like that tumbled-out-of-bed look. It’s casual and effortlessly mussed-up with choppy ends. It’s biggest advantage is that it works with every hair texture — wispy, wavy or a thick mane. It can also be worn from day to night.

Tips for using it

  • Do you like short? Opt for a pixie cut hat to add a playful touch to the modern swag.
  • Use lowlights to make wispy hair appear thicker.
  • If you are wearing a shorter shag hair cut, use an iron to smoothen out the front ends
  • The hair cut has a kind of rebellious look, which makes it apt for boho style.
  • It makes any hair look voluminous due to the layers.
  • For more texture, use a little mousse or leave-on styling gel while the hair is wet.
  • The rule is: the shorter cut fluff flattens the oval faces more than the round ones. The laterally divided fluff perfectly frames a round face.
Did you know

The modern shag hair style is versatile and goes with any face shape.