Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Update, February 1: Gurunath tries to impress Maya

In the recent episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko , Gurunath calls Maya to discuss their office work but Maya gets upset after knowing that Gurunath called her to give her a treat. Gurunath goes with Maya to have Paanipuri together and tries to impress her.

The next day, while having coffee, Radhika informs Saumitra that the international client who came to her office is Mahajani kaka's son and he is trying to hide his relationship with his parents (Mahajani kaka and Kaku). Radhika convinces Saumitra saying if Mahajani Kaka 's son can't give respect to his parents so how he is going to manage the dealership with Radhika Masale . Saumitra replies to Radhika saying she needs to be practical in her professional life rather than being emotional. Radhika denies to work with Mahajani Kaka 's son and says Mahajani Kaka He is really close to her and she gives preference to relationships first.

The same day, Shanaya waits for Gurunath to return from the office. Later, Gurunath returns from the office and talks rudely with Shanaya and her mom. Gurunath goes inside his room and thinks about Maya as he messages Maya and waits for her reply. In between, Shanaya tries to hug Gurunath but Gurunath ignores her. Maya sees Gurunath’s messages and ignore.

The next day, Saumitra’s mother asks Saumitra about Radhika’s weird behavior but Saumitra convinces his mother saying Radhika just has office work pressure.

Later, Radhika calls her office colleagues for a meeting and informs them that she is not finalizing a deal with the international client( Mahajani Kaka ’s son)

Lastly, Mahajani Kaka ’s son comes to meet Radhika. Radhika asks everyone to leave the conference room so that she can discuss private topics with Mahajani Kaka ’s son.