Naagin Update 4, February 1: Brinda promises to take revenge on the Parekh family; Vishakha comes to rescue Nayantara

In the last episode of Naagin 4 , Nayantara falls off the cliff but holds a tree bark and hangs from there. Toast tries to help her but her hand slips and she leaves the bark. Toast sees her fall.

Manyata and Toast try to wake up an unconscious Nayantara.

the Parekh brothers meet Dev and say that they have punished Nayantara for breaking his heart. Dev asks his brother to leave and does not ask them in detail what they did to Nayantara.

Toast watches the brothers and she misunderstands that Dev wanted Nayantara dead and he sent his brother to execute the plan.

Toast and Manyata take Nayantara to the Shiv temple. the pandit tells Toast that Manyata has lost everything now, as Nayantara is no more.

Toast accepts Manyata as her mother and calls her Maa. Toast says she shall take revenge on Parekh family on behalf of her mother.

the Icchadhari Naagin takes an oath to take revenge on Parekh Family. Toast apologises to her mother for not trusting her earlier.

Dev arrives at Toast 's house to meet her, but Toast 's mother tells him she hasn't come back home.

Panditji hace the preparativos para el funeral de Nayantara. A Manyata le resulta difícil aceptar el hecho de que Nayantara está muerto.

Swara calls Toast and says that Dev had come to meet her.

After Manyata and Toast leave the funeral spot, Nayantara is seen talking to another icchadhari Naagin , Vishakha .

She tells Nayantara that Manyata’s pain of losing her is temporary but once Toast uses her powers as Naagin , Manayata He will forget her.

We see in flashback that Vishakha takes Nayantara’s form and meets her in the train. the Parekh brothers meet Vishakha who had taken Nayantra’s form and kill her.

Vishakha then takes her naagin form when the funeral happens. She tells Nayantara to not let anyone know that she is alive.

Vrushali and other family members try to find the ashes that can protect them from Icchadhari Naagin.

Toast reaches outside Parekh house and pretends to be injured. Dev sees Toast and asks her what happened.