Karthika Deepam Update, February 1: Karthik rescues Sourya

In the last episode of Karthik to Deepa m , a few strangers collide with Varanasi's auto-rickshaw while the latter leaves her at school. They, in turn, mistreat Varanasi demanding money. Sourya Try to question the injustice but reject it. Karthik you eat to her rescue and teaches the miscreants a lesson. I have pacified a tensed Sourya and schools Varanasi about driving responsibly. Sourya is flattered by his concern and says her father would have done the same thing. Karthik rudely dodges the topic and asks her reason behind going to the school alone. Sourya tells that her mother ( Deepa ) is ill. Karthik finds this as an excuse to visit Shravya, Hima and others.

Karthik fears that Deepa might reveal the truth to Hima. He then summons Murali Krishna, who gets worried about the reason behind the former’s call. He suffers a very mild pain in the chest and collapses on the road. Karthik arrives on time and helps him recover quickly. Karthik tells Krishna mural that he wants to come to his house and ruins the latter’s happiness in no time. Karthik reminds Krishna mural about Deepa ’s deceit to him and asks the latter to ensure that she doesn’t reveal any unnecessary details to Hima. Krishna mural is clueless about how to react to Karthik ’s warning.

On the way to school, Sourya and Varanasi hail Karthik for his kind gesture. Varanasi wonders the reason behind the rift between Karthik and Deepa. Sourya asks Varanasi not to reveal about the scuffle on the road to Deepa.

As Sourya is off to school, Deepa preps up to visit Shravya and feels bad that she has no money to buy the latter a saree. She then sets off to Shravya’s place along with Varanasi.