The children attended an interactive session on parrots and nature

Parrots They are fascinating creatures and take advantage of this curiosity about these feathered beings, a session was recently held for children between three and eight years. If you have been puzzled by your child's questions about the special characteristics of parrots or if you want to know more about these frugivorous birds, a recent activity had the answers to some of these questions.

Parrots talk and Natural route

The children had the opportunity to visit the CSMVS Children's Museum and explore its green campus as part of a walk through the trees. They were also part of a fun activity that educated children about the different characteristics of these winged creatures. Meagan Vaz, who led the last session, shared: “The workshop consisted of a walk through the trees (exploring the five parrot fruit trees around the Museum campus), a puppet show and showcasing live specimens to the children. The objective of the workshop was to build a connect with the kids about the Museum ’s collection, and also to sensitise them towards nature.” Thomasina D’souza, who was also in-charge of the activity added, “By seeing the stuffed/taxidermied specimens, kids get an idea of the actual size and colour of the birds. It also helps them see the birds up close, which is not possible otherwise helping them understand the various special characters of the parrot like its beak and feet. “And clearly, the kids were happy to be a part of it. Their parents too were impressed with the details shared.

It was a fun learning experience for children. Ruchi Jain, whose son attended the session, shared: “The children loved the interactive and informative puppet show. It was a fun learning experience. ” While Rachna Khurana, another father added, “The activity was well planned. The walk and the information on fruit trees took place well and the puppet show was lovely. ” Shweta Jain, another father, echoed similar thoughts sharing: This session was interactive and age appropriate.