Two leopards, two electrocuted bears in the area of ​​the Maharashtra Artillery Factory

CHANDRAPUR: Two leopards and two sloths were electrocuted by poachers in the forest area under the jurisdiction of (OF), Chanda, in. The decaying corpses of the four wild animals recovered only 100 meters in the jungle, adjacent to the OF residential neighborhood on Saturday morning.

The incident has also exposed security flaws in the high security OF under the jurisdiction of the defense ministry. The forestry department has initiated an investigation into the poaching of four wild animals at the same time and suspects the participation of local poachers that hunt meat of wild animals (wild herbivores).

Official sources claimed that the electrified cable was 200 to 500 meters long. Initial investigations suggest that the four animals were not killed at the same time, but at different times during the last four days. Leopards and electrocuted bears were male and female couples.

Residents of the OF residential colony learned of the bodies after they began to emit an unpleasant stench. “After searching for the source of the bad smell, people discovered the bodies and reported the matter to the forestry department. We have recovered part of the cable used for electrocution, ”said DFO, Chandrapur Forest Division, Ashok Sonksure.

He said that poachers used the 11 KV power supply line to electrify the cable lying along the ground. The autopsy performed on the act confirmed the death by electrocution.

The sources claimed that the animals came into contact with the electrified cable at different times. The corpses of the bears seem to have decomposed more than the leopards. It is also a mystery why MSEDCL did not share the trigger data of this particular power supply, despite repeated failures in the short span of two or three days. The forestry department has searched MSEDCL trigger data to confirm the electrocution time of the animals.

Authorities suspect that poachers could be from Piparbodi village, located a few kilometers from OF Chanda. Source said two leopards had been seen wandering around the residential area of ​​OF Chanda in recent days. Videos of his round between houses at night have become viral on social networks.

Several kilometers of dense forest are adjacent to the buffer zone of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve under the jurisdiction of OF, Chanda, and is the habitat of many wild animals. The sighting of leopards, tigers and bears in the OF town is quite common. In fact, more than a dozen leopards have been captured from the OF area in recent years. However, this poaching incident revealed that poachers were using the forest stretch of OF, Chanda, and the security of the defense facilities was not aware of their repeated intrusions in the high security area.

The local congress MLA Pratibha Dhanorkar requested an investigation into the matter in a written letter to the minister of state forests.