Seer Padmavati slaps Rs 100 crore in Dehradun's doctors who called her pregnant

HARIDWAR: He has slapped two who allegedly said he is two months pregnant. Apparently, the statements were made when the city police forcefully took her to the hospital for a checkup Thursday night.

She claimed that Dr. Vijay Bhandari, who attended her, said she was vomiting due to pregnancy and CMO accused her of not leading a celibate life despite being a sadhvi. He said these comments were made to torture her mentally and kill her character.

“Padmavati has been fasting for almost two months and no urine test proved her pregnancy. So how can your pregnancy report be positive suddenly, asked Swami Shivanand Saraswati, head of Matri Sadan. Padmavati's notice gives doctors seven days to plead guilty or face legal action.

Meanwhile, the two doctors claimed that they did not make such accusations. “Its measurement cycle was irregular. Then, a pregnancy test had to be done to rule out its possibility. But nobody said anything even close to what she claims. The entire incident has been videotaped, he said. Dehradun CMO Meenakshi Joshi.

Dr. Bhandari also denied making such a statement. I didn't say anything related to her pregnancy and she was treated like any other patient, Bhandari said.