100 protesters 'grow to 2,000' while the police make an attempt to liquidate Mumbai Bagh

MUMBAI: Attempts by the Mumbai police and some groups to cancel a call on Mordell Road in Central Mumbai resulted in a crowd that multiplied after the women refused to leave. The turmoil gained popularity as '' as it is similar to the one-month protest in Delhi.

On Saturday, police personnel told volunteers to leave the area as they did not have permission to organize a protest. While people were told to leave, a human chain formed around the site to prevent police from evicting protesters, mostly women. Some people had left the place, but suddenly, in 30 minutes, a large crowd of women who did not know that the protest was being canceled, arrived at the site and refused to leave. Seeing them, other women who were packing or had left, came back and refused to leave, said Mohammad Rizwan Shaikh, a volunteer who runs the crowd.

Shaikh said there were about 100 people on the first day, mostly women, but on Saturday the number was around 2,000. One volunteer said they were worried after one person shot at a protest at Jamia Millia University and another shot at the protest at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi, so they decided to suspend the protest.

The sitting entered its sixth day on Saturday, with the entire neighborhood gathering to help each other. They arranged chairs for the elderly, provided tea to fight the cold of the night and handed out food. No one told us to sit in a protest. We came here the first day on our own and we have been protesting peacefully against what we believe is wrong. We will leave whenever we want, said Faiza Ahmad, who lives near the protest site.

DCP (zone III) Abhinash Kumar said the protest began around 2pm and that the staff had been deployed. The problem started in the afternoon. The locals said they wanted to end the protest since they had not taken the permit and would continue after obtaining it, but some others were against it. This led to verbal clashes but there was no violence, Kumar said.