Uttar Pradesh: the man kills his wife, takes the head to thana 5 km away

FAIZABAD: In a horrible incident, a man killed his wife, cut off his head and walked to the police station five kilometers away, holding her by the hair on Saturday afternoon to surrender. The locals and passers-by on the route were terrified to witness the macabre sight.

The man identified as Akhilesh Rawat (30), a resident of the village of Bahadurpur in the Barabanki district area, was arrested. Ranjana's family, Rawat's wife, has filed a death complaint for dowry.

Rawat reportedly beheaded his wife and marched to the Jahangeerabad police station, which is about five kilometers from his village, hanging all the time. The police at the police station were surprised when he entered and announced that he had killed his wife.

Barabanki's additional police superintendent, R S Gautam, told TOI: The defendant killed his wife Ranjana (24) after they both had a fight. He cut off his head with a sharp sickle. The police recovered the murder weapon.

Ranjana's father, Govind, filed a complaint against Rawat, his father, his brother and a relative claiming that they killed his daughter for dowry, the ASP said.

Three months ago, Ranjana had given birth to a girl who died after childbirth, after which she went to her father's house and returned to Rawat's residence only four days earlier. Ranjana's father, Govind, filed a complaint accusing his in-laws and his husband had been demanding dowry and was killed because his claim was not satisfied, he added.

Akhilesh and his father have been arrested while police teams also try to catch the other two defendants, Gautam added.