Divya-Drishti Update, February 1: Divya decides to fight alone against Lal Chakor

In the last episode of Divya - Drishti , Drishti catch the Lal Chakor in a network but Pishachini helps him, and Lal Chakor leaves. Lal Chakor attacks Ojas Chachi and kills her.

Rakshit He gets excited, thanks everyone for staying strong and supporting the family in difficult times.

Drishti finds the magical box that can take a person from one place to another. Lal Chakor comes back and attacks Romi & Shekhar . Drishti & Rakshit try to save Romi & Shekhar .

Lal Chakor wants to take Romi away from others. Drishti holds Romi’s hand tightly but he pleads her to leave him.

Romi ’s hand slips & he stays back while the other four siblings reach Shiv temple through the magical box. Lal Chakor reveals his face to Romi .

Lal Chakor kills Romi after he refuses to help him.

Rakshit is frustrated that he could not save his family members. He asks Drishti & Divya if they read anything in their mother’s book about Lal Chakor.

Drishti says they have to find out who Lal Chakor is. Divya says she shall execute the plan as they have decided, & face Lal Chakor .

Divya uses the magical box & reaches near Lal Chakor & Pishachini . She hides & sees that Pishachini casts a spell on the magical box so that no one will come or go through it.

Drishti sees in her vision that Divya might be in danger.

Pishachini notices that one out of the nine dead bodies is missing. She says the ninth person was never dead, he was the one to help her & Lal Chakor . But no one from the Shergills could recongnise him as an enemy.

Divya uses her powers & shrinks in size to hide from Lal Chakor .