From the speech of the budget and the secret chamber

What is common to the 2020 budget speaks and the feature film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? Both had the same execution time: two hours and 40 minutes or a total of 160 minutes.

The speaks would have been longer than the box-office smash, but for union finance minister ’s visible uneasiness which forced her to skip a few pages.

The seemingly interminable speaks gave the feel of watching a long-drawn Bollywood flick like (172 min) or Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (163 min).

The time it took for Sitharaman to pronounce 12,814 words was longer than the duration of a direct flight from Delhi-Mumbai or Delhi-Kolkata, which lasts approximately two hours and 10 minutes. In 160 minutes, you can probably travel to a stadium, watch an international hockey game and go home.

Live plus During this period, you could have listened to the 13 songs of The Beatles classic album, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (duration 39.22 min) four times.

Sitharaman broke her own record for the longest Budget speaks which was de Live red over two hours and 17 minutes in July 2019. Records, however, show that this wasn’t the most verbose speaks ever.

Manmohan Singh’s famous Budget speaks of 1991 contained 18,077 words. Budget speaks es of 1948, 1991, 1998 and 2014 were all wordier than Sitharaman’s presentation.

The length of Sitharaman's speaks was the subject of avid discussion on social media. Those who had kept track of the previous record were quick to point out that the FM had established a new record for the longest Budget presentation.

This was immediately followed by observations on the quality of the speaks . Those opposed to the Budget said that the duration of an address does not necessarily translate into the quality of its vision.

However, some praised the Sitharaman marathon praising their determination and courage.