Philippines reports first coronavirus death outside of China

BEIJING: The Philippines reported the first death outside of China of a new coronavirus on Sunday, which deepened global fears of an epidemic that has claimed more than 300 lives.

The first foreign fatality occurred when an increasing number of governments around the world closed their borders to the people of China in an attempt to stop its spread.

It also occurred when China entered a new dangerous phase, with people resuming their trips at the end of the Lunar New Year vacations that had spread to contain the disease.

Since emerging from the central Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of last year, the mysterious coronavirus has infected 14,000 people in China and has spread to 24 countries.

the World Health Organization At the end of last week, the situation was declared a global health emergency, and nations have decided to build virtual fortresses against the disease.

the United States, Australia and Israel banned foreign nationals from visiting if they had been in China over the previous 14 days, and warned their own citizens from travelling there.

Mongolia, Russia and Nepal closed their land borders, while Papua New Guinea went so far as to ban anyone from arriving in Asian ports or airports.

the containment measures may have slowed the spread of the virus but not stopped it.

the person who died in the Philippines was a Chinese man from Wuhan, the World Health Organization said.

This is the first death reported outside of China, the WHO representative in the Philippines told reporters in Manila.

Britain, Russia and Sweden also confirmed their first infections this weekend.

And the death toll in China skyrocketed to 304 on Sunday, and authorities reported 45 new deaths the previous day.

There were 2,590 confirmed cases in China, bringing the total to almost 14,500.

the number of confirmed infections in China is far higher than the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome outbreak of 2002-03.

SARS, which is caused by a pathogen similar to the new coronavirus and also originated in China, killed 774 people worldwide, most of them in mainland China and Hong Kong.

China has also imposed unprecedented measures to stop people traveling, as it is believed that the respiratory virus can jump from person to person through drops.

Wuhan, a city of 11 million people and capital of Hubei Province, has been under virtual closure since January 23 with the closure of all transportation routes.

Similar measures have been implemented throughout Hubei, effectively sealing more than 50 million people.

the emergence of the virus came at the worst time for China, coinciding with the Lunar New Year Holiday when hundreds of millions travel across the country in planes, trains and buses for family reunions.

the holiday was scheduled to end on Friday, but it was extended to Monday to give authorities more time to try and deal with the crisis.

While Hubei and some major cities, including Shanghai, extended vacations, work had to resume in others and people crossed the nation over the weekend to return on time.

A 22-year-old girl who arrived at a train station in Beijing from northeast China said her family tried to ask her to delay her return.

But I worried that it would affect my work, he said.

Security guard Du Guiliang, 47, said he would return to work in Beijing on Sunday after returning from the northeastern province of Liaoning.

Many colleagues (from Hubei) could not return. Now, those who work the day shift in our company also have to do it at night, he said.

He said he intended to return after another two weeks, but returned earlier to help his colleagues too stretched.

Para tratar de controlar la salud de las personas, las autoridades aduaneras han ordenado controles de temperatura en todos the puntos de entrada y salida en Beijing, según la agencia oficial de noticias Xinhua.

Todos the pasajeros también deben completar las tarjetas de declaración de salud.

Returning travelers are also being checked and registered in residential complexes, while fever checks are performed at subway stations, in addition to many offices and coffee shops.

Car drivers in the east must undergo temperature controls before entering highways, Xinhua said.

Train passengers in the southwest of the Chongqing metropolis have to wear masks due to a significant increase in the flow of passengers during the weekend.

But other migrants stayed.

This is the saddest New Year I can remember, said Maggie Le, 25, who said she has delayed her return to work from Zhejiang Province to Shenzhen for almost two weeks.

A 48-year-old tailor named Hu, from the eastern province of Anhui, has a shop in Beijing.

But there is no hurry, Hu told AFP. I will only return when the epidemic ends.