At first, Filmfare brings the brightness of Bollywood to Awesome Assam

As a child Vidya Balan He had once cried during a car trip back from the south of Mumbai to his home because the heavy traffic had ensured that the Filmfare awards ceremony. The next day, when she saw actress Rekha in a gold outfit in the paper, the fear of having missed out intensified. “That's the day when stars walked the earth,” recalled the cheery, vermilion-sariclad actor about the awards ceremony at an event on Saturday while expressing delight at the fact that the 65th Amazon Filmfare Awards 2020 will be held in Guwahati for the first time on February

15. I hope this will start a tradition in which we will see different parts of the country, Balan said, adding that the touch of Bollywood glitz is going to be great for tourism

The event in Juhu began with a short and silent video of the destination partner, Awesome assam , which showed the natural and cultural generosity of the picturesque state through the sensory experiences of Priyanka Chopra While riding an elephant, sits among bright worms, try local cuisine, drink tea, enjoy golf, join local folk dancers on a template and even attend a wedding. Once you visit Assam , stays with you forever, said the motto.

Deepak Lamba, CEO, World Wide Media (WWM), not only hinted that the trend of the awards ceremony being held in different parts of the country will continue but also spoke of the partnership with e-commerce giant Amazon and social media giant Facebook enduring through all the Filmfare awards ceremonies held through the year. “It’s all part of our efforts to make the awards better, stronger and more entertaining,” said Lamba, adding that the event, which will be hosted by actor Vicky Kaushal and filmmaker Karan Johar , will be broadcast in Colors the day after the ceremony.

Ravi Desai, director, mass and brand marketing of Amazon India, said the firm was looking “at activating the fashion and beauty portfolio with the association with Filmfare.” “Cinema holds a very special place in our hearts. And the ubiquity of social media is such that customers often want what the actors are wearing, ”said Desai, before an artisan associated with Amazon Karigar store presented a handwoven sari to Balan.

Jitesh Pillai, editor of Filmfare, who finds Balan's performances to be “as seamless as waves lapping a seashore”, reminded the audience that besides the six Filmfare awards Balan has won, she also held the distinction of being an actor who won “a hat -trick. ” “Every Indian actor or actress wants to win a Filmfare. It was my dream too. Four years, I won in a row - three for best actor and one for best actor (critics choice). The first time, I thought I would go crazy. It’s a very special feeling. That statuette is so beautiful. It’s a symbol of love and appreciation from audiences, from the industry. I am happy even when I am nominated, ”said Balan, recounting the fact that it was backstage after winning her first Filmfare award for best actress that Vidya Balan met the man she would eventually marry.