Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaz Gill gets mad at Sidharth Shukla for accusing her of flipping, the unstable flame

The last episode of Bigg Boss 13 I saw a bitter fight between lovers Shehnaz Gill & Sidharth Shukla .

During a task by Bigg Boss, Shehnaz got upset when Sidharth talked about her habit of flipping. After the task ended, Shehnaz got up & told everyone not to call her a ‘flip character’ or portray her negatively. Sidharth began to shout at her & told her she wasn’t mentally stable or even loyal.

Shehnaz replied by telling her that nobody is clear about their relationships in the house unlike her. He added that everyone turns at one point or another.

During their fight, Shehnaz told Sidharth she will take a stand for those who are right, & then called him a loser for using her name to win the task. She said she considers him weak for doing so.

Sidharth called her ‘gadhi’ & asked her to use her ‘dimaag’ in the game. He told her he doesn’t trust her at all. And he would like to keep things to himself. Shehnaz told him that she would want the person who is close to her to at least speak his mind. But Sidharth refused to do so.

Then, Vikas talked to Shehnaz & explained Sidharth’s stance. She asked him to speak with Sidharth once & tell him how much his actions hurt her. He agreed to it. At night, Shehnaz went to Sidharth but he told her he wasn’t okay with what had transpired between them.