324 Wuhan's return, negative proof; another lot arrives today

NEW DELHI/GURGAON: ,, with the first batch of 324 Indians on Saturday morning. Later in the day, another Boeing 747 took off to Wuhan to evacuate some 300-350 more Indians. He is scheduled to return on Sunday morning.

“The Chinese authorities did not allow six Indians to board the flight in Wuhan, as they had a fever. In total, 211 students, 110 people working in the region and three minors boarded the Ajanta B747 that took off from Wuhan at 1.40 a.m. and arrived in Delhi at 7.26 a.m. said an AI official.

While all people were negative in the initial round of detection, high alert and caution was advised. During the next two weeks, all returnees who were taken to two isolation facilities will be tested twice a day, where their pulse, temperature and any fluctuation in the immunity system will be monitored.

Meanwhile, two more people with symptoms were admitted to RML, bringing the total of suspected cases in the hospital to eight.

After the flight landed from Wuhan, passengers and their luggage were thrown into a remote bay where immigration and customs established special camps so that returnees do not pass through the terminal.

ITBP buses took them to the two quarantine centers established in Manesar (administered by) and the Chhawla camp (administered by ITBP). The jumbo used for the flight is being sprayed.

A senior Army officer said all passengers cleared the initial inspection at the airport, but this may not mean that none of them are carrying the virus. Although there is nothing to scare as the best medical experts are provided, we need to observe the evacuees for the next 15 days. The reason is that we want to detect the virus, if any, at the initial stage for better treatment, ”the officer told TOI.

A police officer stationed approximately 1 km ahead of the Manesar camp, said: Our task is to ensure that this center remains isolated without any disturbance. We have orders to ensure that no one is within a 500-meter range of the center gate. Only people with authorizations from senior officials will be allowed in.

All Army and police personnel on duty will be on duty, with a batch of 15 employees replaced every two hours.

Another AI B747, Agra, then took off to Wuhan at 1.37 pm on Saturday and landed in the Chinese city at 5.42 pm (both IST). AI's director of operations, Captain Amitabh Singh, who oversaw the first flight, also oversees the second. The flight took off with the same group of doctors from the RML Hospital in Delhi as the first flight.

About 350 Indians are expected to fly to Delhi on the second flight, although the exact number will be known once the shipment is completed. Since the coronavirus has reduced the bustling city of Wuhan to a virtual ghost town, even the airport has a deserted appearance with very few officials there. AI staff and the Indian health team are allowed a very limited movement at the airport, and Chinese authorities carry out intensive checks.

“Because of this, instead of 10 p.m., we took off almost four hours late on Saturday. Also for the second flight, we have been asked to take this additional time into account, ”the sources said.

AI is placing food packages and water bottles in each passenger seat. Everyone on board the AI ​​flight from India wears a full protective suit when landing in Wuhan before the plane door opens. Once boarding is completed and the flight takes off, the interaction between the crew and the passengers is kept to a minimum. Two bathrooms have been reserved for crew use.

So far, AI has not said whether more flights will be sent to Wuhan. “The information we have with us is that we have to transport more than 650 Indians, of which 324 have come on the first flight. Now we expect to fly around 350 more on the second flight, ”said an AI official.

Meanwhile, two other people with coronavirus-like symptoms were admitted to the isolation room of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital (RML) on Saturday, which raised the total number of patients to eight.

On Friday night, two men, aged 23 and 46, respectively, complained of respiratory problems and fever at the government-designated hospital to treat these cases, hospital authorities said.

The 23-year-old had returned from Wuhan on January 24. The other man had visited Changsa in China and returned on January 18, they added.