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Do you want the last buzz in the front of gossip? A glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous? A wind of Chennai's best kept secrets? The writer, activist, presenter and queen bee Apsara Reddy fills you with ...

Happy times ahead, huh?

Actor Vishnu Vishal is a happy man these days: his films are fine and his nuptials with Jwala Gutta are being planned. The beautiful couple has the blessings of both families, and they are excited about this new phase, say their friends. It seems that his new killer appearance is all thanks to the inspiration of Jwala's sports perspective.

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Stop stalking me, sistah!

Mukund Venkat, Chennai's enthusiastic coach, who is now shaking London, is in town and guess what, women can't get enough of him. Stalkers land where he stays all the time, they tell us. But Mukund is too busy teasing his gym friends to pay attention. The last time he heard, this aspiring actress hit him asking him to go to a resort, and the soft gym bunny began the conversation with sister ...

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Surfing to find love

Did you think that the surf sands in Chennai are just about the sport? Naah! These surf spots are where some of the most steamy expat loves in the city flourish. Some well-known men and women have found love in the arms of namma chennai surfers. The last time he heard, a businesswoman from Canada, who was famous in social circles here, married a surfer from the fishing community and took him to Italy, where he now works as a chef.

Hot biker movements

In a popular training place at ECR, former actress Kadhal Sandhya has gained quite a lot of admirers with her fitness movements. She, we hear, has even bigger fans for the super bike she travels on.

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