Gentleman combines comedy and realistic elements: Prajwal Devaraj

For the Gentleman team, the film is quite special: director Guru Deshpande Become a producer, actors Prajwal Devaraj & Nishvika Naidu took on roles that challenged each of them, & director Jadesh Kumar He tried to present a unique story about a man with a sleep disorder, who has to fight a problem. Naturally, each of them is excited about what they bring to the table, which was palpable, when they passed by our office to chat quickly before the movie's release on February 7. Excerpts from our conversation: Tell us about the movie, gentleman ...

Jadesh Kumar: Gentleman is a story that revolves around a man with sleeping beauty syndrome. Follow Bharat , who is plagued by the syndrome & ends up sleeping for 18 hours a day. How he leads his life in the six hours that he is awake & the issues he faces form the theme of the story.

Guru Deshpande: The inspiration for the story was a news article we found in 2010 about a man who really suffers from the syndrome. Jadesh worked on this for 10 years to develop a story that I decided to support as a producer.

Prajwal Devaraj : To explain Gentleman, one has to begin with the title. In society, everyone wants to be gentleman, & in our film, we have a protagonist who has all of six hours in a day to prove that he is a gentleman. He fights a mafia, falls in love with a girl & has to give time to his family. In that sense, Gentleman is the perfect blend of commercial & realistic elements — a power-packed movie, which will not disappoint anyone.

Nishvika Naidu: I play Tapaswini, who is very responsible & disciplined. In comparison to my earlier outings, this is a very different character for me. She is also a dietitian, who is very health conscious. How much of the research focused on the subject since the film is inspired by an article?

Prajwal: When I first heard the story, the subject impressed me a lot, since I had never heard of the syndrome. I have done enough research that is required of me as an actor to present this on screen. Interestingly, after the trailer was released, a former classmate approached me to tell me that her husband is suffering from the syndrome.

Jadesh: In India, there are probably 10 reported cases of the syndrome. In the film, however, we have represented it as the first case reported in Karnataka . We work on the script for a year to make sure that Prajwal would truly embody everything that someone with the syndrome does. But that doesn’t mean that the film is only about his medical condition; it is as much about how he finds it difficult to find time for his love, family & his personal life. Amid all the drama, he even fights against a human trafficking mafia, which gives a thrilling edge to the tale.

Nishvika: Honestly, I had no idea that such a syndrome or the angle of the mafia explored in this movie existed in the real world.

Guru: After we released the teaser, we got a call from someone called Rajeev who has the syndrome & sleeps for 20 hours a day. He also shared videos with us. As it turns out, there is another guy called Ajay from Belagavi who has the syndrome. People are now eagerly waiting to see the movie, as they want to know what solution we have given to the syndrome.

How difficult was it to write a story about the rare syndrome?

Jadesh: It was easy, because the character is quite new. You need to do whatever it takes of him in six hours. There is also an element of suspense that keeps the audience hooked.

Guru: The movie also highlights relationships. There is a boy named Aradhya in the movie, whose role will touch the sensitive fiber of the public.

Prajwal , you were made to shoot in a garbage dump & in a sewer drain....

Prajwal: The location that we shot at had such huge mounds of garbage that we needed to bring earth mover equipment to clear some & make space for us to shoot. Imagine moving waste that has been decomposing for long — that raised quite a stench — & then having to shoot there the whole day. One of the sequences required me to sleep on piles of waste, which was quite challenging.