Not all Punjabi songs in a Bollywood movie are a hit, says Sukhwinder Singh

Given that musician Sukhwinder Singh has been in the movie industry for more than two decades, and has sung songs in just about every Indian language, one would think he would have a huge discography. But, he admits that he is content with singing 10-12 good songs in a year, unlike his contemporaries. During his recent visit to Bengaluru, he explains that the discretion in his selection of the work he takes up is deliberate. Excerpts...

On being selective about songs

I have to be selective; it's my nature. I do not want to have a career that boasts a great number of songs . I'd be happy if it is a selected few that stand out with good lyrics, composers and movie teams. This has worked for me since the past two decades. Lyrics have to be very good. That is my only condition to sing.

On his musical journey People email and message me whenever my new songs come up. I try to feel the pulse when I am out at an event or a concert. Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior has become a major hit. When my song Maay Bhavani , played on the screen, people threw coins to show their appreciation. When I hear about the success of a song, I go ahead and sign the next one. My musical journey has turned out to be great so far. It is slow and steady, but energetic.

On Punjabi songs in Bollywood

La canción tiene que ser buena. Si hay una canción de Punjabi en todas las películas de hoy, no significa que la canción sea buena. Todas las songs de Punjabi no se ejecutan correctamente. Si la canción es muy buena, funcionará bien, independientemente del idioma en que se haya cantado.

In his equation with AR Rahman

AR Rahman is the one who introduced me to world music. He launched me and I have great love and regards for him. I don't know much about his state of mind now or when we will work together again.

On remixes

I don't care, nor do I care to sing remixes. But they haven't contacted me to sing any remix yet. I think Chaiyya Chaiyya It will sound good if it is remixed. If I have the opportunity to sing a remix and I am sure it will sound great.

About his love for Bengaluru

I am more energetic when I act in a city that has good weather. And, the weather in Bangalore is perfect. I love acting in the city since the crowd here is mainly young. They bring a lot of energy to the concert and that encourages me to do my best. The city is very special for me. It has a musical heritage, which distinguishes it from the rest.