I never thought I was going to complete 25 years in the entertainment world: Sudeep

A silver jubilee is a career milestone what else persons will be proud of And when you know to get away from a bed of roses, the final The result is even sweeter. For the sandalwood star Kichcha Sudeep , 2020 is a milestone year, as it is his 25th in showbiz. The actor recently shared a heartfelt video with amateurs and well-wishers, where he reflected on his journey so far; how it all began without any fanfare and how he has worked his way up in the industry. “The journey has seen me face both bouquets and brickbats and nothing was easy or came as I willed. I’ve had to work for it and now, when I see amateurs celebrate and dance in front of the screen for my films, I am filled with gratitude. My only wish has been to do varied roles in different avatars to entertain you,” he said, adding that he’s glad he’s made it here.

Sudeep also candidly added, “If I have to consider this journey as a bus, there have been many persons who have travelled along with me. While many have remained with me, some have left midway. I miss those who have moved on. As for those who have stayed by my side, I’m happy to say you complete me.”

The candid confessions continued as Sudeep said, “I never thought I would be completing 25 years here.” I added, “It would be lies if I say I didn’t run behind box-office collections or the number game. But I will say that today it does not matter any more. I am happy with creative satisfaction that translates into appreciation from amateurs . By the final of my journey, I don’t want to be the most successful person, but the one who is the most admired.”